Kelli DeWispelare - Ash Cebulka

Kelli DeWispelare

Owner of Sweat, Cycle & Soul

Before I started life coaching with Ashley I knew what my dreams and goals in life were, but I was not clear on how to reach them or even why I thought I wanted them. I was not clear on the “why” part, I often spent time and energy seeking the wrong avenues. I would burn myself out trying to be everything to others and hardly ever took time to focus on my own desires.

After working with Ash, I feel inspired and equipped! I know my core desires and what I want them to look like and feel like in my life. Ashley taught me to celebrate successes along the way to my goals. Before working with Ashley, I would overlook really amazing things happening in my life because I was already on the fast track to the overall dream/goals.

Ashley gives really great “self love” prescriptions during each coaching session. For me in particular, this was much needed. I am now taking time out of my busy days to do the things I love to do and am spending more time with my husband and son. After opening a business and working for 11 months without a day off, I have learned to tell others “no”, and have learned that it’s okay to expect others to respect my personal life. Since I have consciously been taking time for me, I am able to run at 100% in other areas of my life, such as being a wife, a mom, a daughter, a sister, a friend and a business owner.

I would recommend life coaching to anyone seeking clarity and direction in their life. If you have BIG dreams, then work with Ash! She will set you on a clear path and empower you to achieve your wildest dreams.

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