Kendra - Ash Cebulka


“I don’t even know where to even begin with how much my life has changed since signing up for coaching with Ash. I remember sitting in my room at my parent’s house staring out the window waiting for our first call and feeling hella worried about everything in my life.

I was sinking under the weight of toxic relationships and thought patterns. After my first call I saw a vision of life being so different and hope that all those things my soul desired would come to be.

I spent 9 months birthing a new life for myself and all I can say is that while I’m the same human… I am certainly not the same person. Ash has taught me so many tools for radical life changes that feel completely natural.

I love my job, yes my corporate job that has changed transformed from dreadful drudgery to something I love doing, there’s even negotiations for creating a whole new position just for the things I am good at doing. I have a wonderful relationship with myself and my family. Oh did I mention I am living alone in my own apartment (huge for me).

I simply cannot write enough words to express how thankful I am that the universe cross our paths. I highly encourage you to take the plunge, you deserve it.”

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