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Leah Heine

Life before I started working with Ashley was a bit convoluted. I was in a career that supported me very well financially, working as a pharmacist in a community retail pharmacy, but I still felt like something was missing. I wasn’t able to truly help people the way I knew I was meant to deep down inside. I had so many desires, but when I expressed them to others around me I was met with doubt and questions.  I kept those desires stifled within. I had a lot on my plate and wasn’t sure if I could take on a scheduled appointment with a lifestyle consultant, but clearly I needed to make the investment in myself.

Since working with Ashley I have cultivated the ability to listen to my intuition, and follow my desires fearlessly. I find that I am continuously taking courageous action and taking steps to move forward towards my desired lifestyle, career, and relationship. You absolutely can have it all!  I have learned to integrate self-care into my life on a daily basis and that is a game changer!

Things that I have completely integrated into my life now include, daily meditations, baths, massages, and using my core desired feelings as my barometer of making decisions in the present and for the future.

In the next 6-9 months I will be moving to a location that meets all that I desire to be surrounded in and start my own website/consulting practice.  I would not have in my wildest dreams believed I could do all of this without the help of Ashley. She has helped me anchor into the trust, embrace the uncertainty, and become the manifesting mama that I am today!

I would recommend life coaching to anyone who is going through any kind of change, whether it’s lifestyle, career, health, or relationship related. The investment is small in comparison to the outcomes you get from investing in yourself. If you are standing on the perimeter just thinking about it, DO IT!!!!

I would recommend Ashley to anyone who is specifically looking to live the lifestyle they always wanted, if you feel like you have a deep burning desire to do more or make changes in any areas of your life, and are held back by fear, she’s your girl. She’s the loving, supporting, manifesting maven you are looking for. I already miss our weekly sessions.

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