Lee - Ash Cebulka


Before I started coaching with Ash, my life was good in many ways but I had a unique opportunity to devote time to a career change, as well as some personal aspects of my life that I wanted to focus on. The options that presented themselves were at times overwhelming because I felt like there were so many variables in play all at once. I wanted to be thoughtful and make decisions that would bring me the greatest happiness and joy.

Ashley’s coaching program is great because you start with the end in mind—what you want to achieve. From there, Ashley steps you through a series of exercises that build upon each other and are tailored to help you achieve your best life. For me, the program resulted in tremendous clarity in terms of what I want in all aspects of my life. And with that clarity, pursuing my goals has been more easeful and much more successful.

At the same time, my work with Ashley has helped me to approach the world with greater patience, understanding and confidence, because I know that the path I’ve chosen is part of a much larger picture.

I would recommend life coaching to everyone, but particularly to people that are at critical junctures in their lives.

Ash’s program specifically helps you to move through areas where you may be stuck in old patterns, or where fear may be holding you back from achieving your full potential. You have to spend the time to do the work and be willing to see things differently. With Ash’s guidance, you really can build a roadmap to a life you love!

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