Leslie Storms - Ash Cebulka

Leslie Storms

Yoga teacher & Nurse

Before I started working with Ash, my life was filled with fear of being judged and/or criticized, which caused me to play it small. My life was a struggle, making decisions increased my stress load. I seemed to have very limited skills at making decisions that were in my best interest. I had good and bad days, ups and downs (inconsistency). I fueled myself with self doubt because I could not find the “right” path.  I was hungry for expansion but my negative and repetitive thoughts were keeping me stuck.

After working with Ash, the biggest change in my life has been a freedom to express myself. An unraveling transpired as we worked together and this has offered me a way of authentically expressing myself. I feel more confident. I no longer care what others think, say or do. I laugh more. I forgive more. I act embrace my silliness. I am happier. I have found a way to be more consistent. I witness my thoughts, fears and insecurities. I feel at peace with my life. I accept myself. I forgive myself. I feel Ashley would help in the future if needed, so I feel less alone. I feel supported. I have learned to love me. I connect to God in a different way every morning and evening.

I have learned a way to witness my fears and choose something other than fear such as love, expansion, or connection. I have discovered a confidence that was not there before and discovered that forgiveness and vulnerability are the way to live my dream life. I have devised a plan that helps me make decisions that are in line with who I am and this helps me stay drama free and focused. I have found an earth angel who is there to help support, listen or laugh with me at the drop of a phone call. I feel Ashley has my back and this is priceless!

During our work together my yoga classes have grown exponentially, I had 2 different yoga studios offer me a teaching position, numerous students have requested private sessions. I have turned down opportunities that aren’t in alignment with my highest vision and that feels great!

I would recommend  coaching with Ashley to someone who wants action (versus talk). Someone who is daring to be different, not afraid of self discovery, who is open to taking accountability for their life, desiring a new leash on life, not afraid to uncover old habits, and most of all someone who is capable of finding humor. Life coaching seems to offer long term applicable solutions! She tells us that we are rock stars but she is a true superstar!

Each week, I anxiously awaited to connect with her sweet and fiery voice. I miss her but I realize she offered me the love, support and tools that have helped me to begin to create a life that I love. Sacred time with Ashley was the best self investment ever and for that I am beyond grateful!

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