Lindsay - Ash Cebulka


When I started Coaching with Ash, I had just ended a very long-term relationship and moved to a new apartment. I was trying to find my footing and move forward but felt lost, overwhelmed, confused and heartbroken.

Three months later and everything is different. Instead of feeling sad and fixated on what I lost, I feel happy and grateful for what I’ve gained. I’ve had incredible experiences meeting new people in my personal life, speaking up for myself and setting boundaries at work. I am accomplishing goals that I’ve been holding onto for a long time but was afraid to try. I’ve developed a really consistent self care routine, regularly meditate, have slowed down my usual frantic pace, have become kinder and more patient to myself and others, and perhaps most importantly, learned the power of forgiveness.

Ashley is incredible – exactly the kind of person you want next to you when you’re going through a rough time or looking for clarity. She is positive, supportive, encouraging and unwavering.

This was a difficult process for me but she never pushed me, never judged, never lost her patience.

She has an incredible energy I really cannot imagine where I would be in my life right now if I hadn’t gone through this with her!

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