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Liz Abrams

Before my coaching sessions with Ashley, I was confused about the direction that I wanted to take career-wise. As a person with many, many interests, I was having difficulty deciding what would be the right job for me — there were too many possibilities! I felt that I had lost touch with my authentic self; I was no longer able to identify what I really wanted (in both career and life). My mind felt clouded, and I was constantly spinning my wheels jumping from idea to idea without ever feeling “grabbed” by anything. I knew that I wanted a job that I would absolutely love, but that was about it. I was also scared to make any major moves out of fear that it would be the wrong choice. I felt lost, rushed, panicked, and beyond stressed!

After my sessions, I was able to gain the clarity necessary to listen to my intuition and figure out what I really and truly wanted — not what would look good on paper or please others.

The exercises that I worked through with Ashley helped me to dig deep down and reconnect with my core values which has been essential in making decisions that feel good. Ashley provided also me with lots of great tools to help me manage my stress, which enabled me to de-clutter my mind to the point of realizing my dream job and life.

I would recommend Ashley’s coaching services to anyone who needs a little guidance in finding a happy, inspired life that rings true to themselves and have fun while doing it. I truly enjoyed working with Ashley for her honest, no B.S., yet kind and compassionate, approach.

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