Meegan - Ash Cebulka


“My life before working with Ash can be described as; chaotic, reactive, anxiety ridden and spinning out of control. The signs were all there that a change needed take place, but I was moving to fast to notice or just ignored them.

Everything appeared to “look” great on the outside, but I was slowly falling apart. I was completely overwhelmed. Also, throw in the mix that I was dealing with a debilitating chronic illness. Thru all of this, I had the feeling of knowing that I wanted/needed to do something more, but having no idea what, was becoming stronger and stronger. It could no longer be ignored. I had no idea where or how to begin figuring this all out…then I found Ash.

EVERYTHING in my life has changed!I am more confident, empowered, and grounded. As an added bonus, I embarking on a new journey, a new career and I can not wait to see how everything unfolds. Even when life throws me some curve balls, I am now equipped and confident enough to handle these things without spiraling out of control. I wake each day ready to take on whatever life has in store for me with much more calm and clarity. That alone is such a liberating, freeing feeling.

I would recommend life coaching with Ash to anyone who is looking to make a radical change in their lives. To those who are feeling stuck and overwhelmed in life and don’t know where to begin. Ash is so fun to work with. She is so passionate about her work and is so very good at it! She shines so bright, her light is contagious. I am so very grateful for the time I spent working with Ash, it was truly a gift. I can only hope that someday I can positively impact people’s lives the way she has mine.”

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