Natalie - Ash Cebulka


“Before I started working with Ash I constantly felt hopeless. My attitude was consistently negative and it was really affecting every aspect of my life. Every day I woke up with a different idea of what I wanted my life to be, but felt completely defeated as to how to make it happen.

After spending time with Ash and her program I feel light!!! The majority of my fear/worry/negativity is gone and when it sneaks up on me I know I have the tools that I need to get my mind back to where I want it. It is truly incredible to see how much my thought process has changed in such a short time and how much that has changed my day to day life.

The great thing about this program is that even though you may not come out of it with all of your questions answered and all of your problems solved – you will come out of it with all of the tools you need to get there in your own time. It’s such a realistic approach to life coaching. I feel like I love myself and know myself better than I ever have before!

I think Ash could probably help change anyone’s life, but I would HIGHLY recommend her to people in their 20’s (like myself). Being in your 20’s is so confusing and Ash really gets that. She has the skills to help you feel good about where you’re at in life while gently pushing you in your desired direction. Whether you’re just finishing school, unhappy with work, or want to get to know yourself better I would recommend meeting with Ash!”

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