Savannah - Ash Cebulka


“Before I began this experience with Ashley, I felt an emptiness in my life. I knew that I was unhappy in my career but also knew that there were other issues deeply imbedded that I had not addressed in my life. My initial intent was to work on directing my career path to find my true “happiness”. Ashley quickly discovered that my job played a very minimal role in the root of my unhappiness.

Since working with Ashley, my life has changed substantially! Ashley introduced an abundant amount of exercises that allowed me to be completely honest with myself, take charge of my happiness and control my destiny. I made several life changes during this experience that I never even realized were having such a powerful effect on my life.

I have embraced the power of meditation and taking time for myself, things that I never made time for in the past. The amount of happiness/stability/control that I have over my life now is incredible. I truly feel that I came out of this experience such a stronger and more confident person.

I would recommend life coaching to anyone, specifically with Ashley! The fact that I came into my relationship with Ash assuming that I was devoted to changing my career path only and that every other aspect of my life was going just fine, and ending our sessions with an entirely new approach on my life and how I choose to find my own happiness, made me realize that anyone could gain from this experience. I can not say enough about how Ashley has changed my life.

I have and will continue to recommend Ashley to friends and family. It truly can impact anyone in such a positive and inspiring way.”

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