Client Love - Ash Cebulka

Client Love

“I was paralyzed with options before I contacted Ash.

I was a new mom and it had cracked my whole life and heart open. I felt like I was being pulled in every direction and needing to move, but unsure of which direction, or how.

I wanted to do one thing, I felt like I should do another, and I felt like my work colleagues expected me to do something else. I felt like I could do anything (which sounds great, doesn’t it?), but not everything, and that meant that I was doing nothing.

I’d been flirting with the idea of a life coach for awhile and, finally, one day I just knew I wanted to talk to someone who could help me figure out where to focus my energy.

Ash was that and so much more.

I was not a wellness novice. I am a yoga teacher and I knew exercises and meditations and practices that were supposed to help with the very things I needed, in theory. But Ash gave me the missing puzzle pieces to help those exercises and practices really WORK for me.

If I felt resistance, she helped me figure out why; if I needed to alter my self care practice, we figured out how to do that. Our scheduled talks helped me really check in with myself on what was working, and why. She guided me to a whole new level of love and forgiveness for myself.

Ash was more than that though. Her enthusiasm; her insight; she held space for me while guiding me forward to the places I wanted to go (even if I was afraid to say it out loud)..

Working with Ash is like taking gold dust and sprinkling it on everything that you value, making it that much brighter. Since working with Ash, I’ve become laser focused on what matters to me. It sounds too good to be true, but I am better at making decisions, trusting my intuition, more focused, more energetic, and more gentle with myself

There’s literally not one aspect of my life that hasn’t improved through my work with Ash, because my relationship with myself improved. She helped me learn how to take care of myself and, as a result, I’m able to be there for my family and friends in a way that I wasn’t before.

Since working with Ash, I have let go of a lot of things that weren’t serving me – including one large commitment that was so ingrained that it hadn’t even occurred to me that I could step away from it. Instead, I’ve filled my life with new creative pursuits.

I’m starting a new business/creative endeavor this month and I am working on a novel. The fact that I’m doing these things isn’t as much of a surprise as the ease with which I am doing them. Through my work with Ash, these pursuits feel natural.

I’m approaching them with ease, confidence, and courage. With Ash’s help, I was able to see through the fear that surrounded these goals. On a more personal note, I’ve improved several relationships in my life, and forged new ones with people that are just a passionate about life as I am.

I could gush on and on about my Gold Dust Guru. I will try to sum it up by saying that Ash gave me the tools to find the confidence and passion to pursue where my heart was leading me.

Anyone who wants to live their fullest life, who wants to improve their relationship with themselves, who wants to block out other people’s expectations to find what they truly want and believe, should work with Ash. If I had read these words before we worked together, I would think the author was exaggerating. Having written them, and having worked with Ash, I can tell you that these words do not say enough.”


“My life before coaching with Ash was chaotic and uncertain as I was unclear what direction I really wanted to head in both in my life and career. I was trying on many different hats, unclear of who or what I should give my time and energy towards.

I attribute this to the fact that three months ago, I didn’t understand that my “life purpose” was something I was already expressing in every area of my life not something I had to “find” or express in my career. I can’t tell you what a relief that has been because before coaching with Ash, I had been on the “hunt for my life purpose” for years. Looking back now, I also realize I knew what I really wanted in all areas of my life but I wasn’t fully giving myself permission to do, be and have all of those things.

Since coaching with Ash, all of my relationships and daily interactions with others has totally changed. I see myself relaxing more into who I am and being less reactionary in all areas of my life. Specifically, my relationship with myself has changed big time as I am so much more trusting, confident, and less apologetic for my wants/needs which has also changed my relationship with my husband big time!

I’m now able to ask for support from others’ in ways I wouldn’t have been able to do before working with Ash and experiencing this has been amazing, especially as a mom. I’d also say that after working together, I am experiencing life on a whole new level of happiness, fun and feel a greater sense of ease.

One of the biggest changes I’ve experienced through this experience is the support Ashley gave me in order to embrace a new career that I’ve been longing to start for over two years!!! I honestly feel that if we didn’t work together, I would’ve never given myself the permission to take the plunge in the area of my new career. Ash’s support and guidance was next to none and now I truly feel alive in all areas of my life!

I’d recommend life coaching to anyone who is willing and open to grow, stretch, and push themselves to live up to their fullest potential and live their highest vision.

Someone who isn’t afraid of stirring up some of their “old stuff” in a supported environment in order to get to the really juicy good stuff, because working with someone like Ash will do that for you! Anyone who’s looking to create a massive amount of change and momentum towards your deepest desires in your life would definitely benefit from working with Ashley Cebulka!”


I’ve been blessed to have Ashley in my life for 9 years. Her zest for life and helping others is absolutely infectious. She knows exactly how to guide me out of my slumps without making me feel overwhelmed or belittled. She can flip the coin in a heartbeat allowing me to see the side that lets me thrive instead of the one that holds me down.

I’ve never met a woman who has endured so much and yet still finds a way to exude pure joy and excitement everyday of her life. Ashley is inspiration personified. She is a luminous treasure. I’m honored to call her my best friend and couldn’t recommend her more.

Kathryn Budig

“I signed up for life coaching because my life was GREAT!!!! Everything for the most part was going well but I knew there was MORE. I was missing a piece and I was beginning to feel lost. I felt like the world was wide open and full of possibility but I didn’t know WHERE to begin! This left me feeling overwhelmed and anxious.

After our initial phone call I knew Ash had something to offer! Little did I know at the time the gift that she, herself would become in my life. As the weeks went by and our conversations continued I learned so much. Without knowing it at the time I began to create my own #Ashtoolbox filled with numerous tools that continue to help guide me in this beautiful thing we call LIFE. Ash was an open book in sharing her own life experiences and never did I feel judged or embarrassed in the topics we discussed.

Ash taught me how to trust, love, and have faith again in who I am and what I have to offer to the world. She reminded me that I am here for a genuine purpose and the things I love about life and LIVING are beautiful and so very important.

Ash came into my life at an absolutely incredible time. There are not words to describe all that we went through together but to this day I will always think of her as a sort of guardian angel showing me the way when I needed someone from the outside looking in most. I will forever be grateful for the time we spent together.

I would recommend Ash to EVERYONE!!!! I think we ALL need and would benefit immensely to be reminded of who we are, what we are here for and
obtaining our wildest dreams IS not as far off as we EVER think. In the most gentle, kind, loving way Ash can do this for YOU and it’s magical. I thank YOU Ash Cebulka for sharing your gift with me. I will forever be in gratitude of YOU!


“I had graduated college a little over a year before Ash and I started. I felt stuck in my old habits and ways. My pessimistic outlook along with caring way too much about what others thought was exhausting and made loose sense of direction. I did not have the proper tools to deal with life’s curveballs and I knew something needed to change.

I found Ash and immediately clicked with her. Ash helped me determine what was important in life and the best strategies to approach challenging situations. A sense of clarity washed over me as I worked with Ash. She showed me the steps to get to where I want to be and the happiness I wanted to achieve. Sometime we all need a little kick in the butt to get to our “greatest selves”, but once you’re there, its your chose to stay there.

I would recommend Ash to anyone who feels detached from life and having a hard time living in the now. If you’re ready to make a positive change in you, life, Ash is your go to girl. Her compassion and optimism is infectious, making it impossible not to see life as a gift. It was an amazing experience that I know will help me for the rest of my life.”


“Before I met with Ash, I was desperately searching for Happiness. The week before I reached out to Ash on Instagram, I found myself asking everyone; friends, family, coworkers (and frankly, anyone who would listen to me), if they were happy. “Not really” seemed to be a pretty common theme amongst the group.

I wasn’t willing to accept living a life where I was not truly, genuinely and deeply happy so I set out to do everything in my power to change things. Except, and here’s the catch, I had no idea what happiness even meant and I certainly didn’t know who was going to help me get there. What I did know was that I had an incredible family and great friends, but something just wasn’t clicking. I felt lost, and sad more than I would have liked. Anxiety took over my every day and I woke up almost every morning focusing on what I didn’t have.

Having dealt with anxiety for practically me whole life, I spent time in and out of therapy but never felt that I was getting out of it what I desperately needed. Weekly sessions spent rehashing all of my negative thoughts were never going to get me to where I wanted to be. Ultimately I knew, deep down in my heart, that traditional therapy was never going to get me to happy. Enter Ash.

I can state with 100% certainty that EVERYTHING in my life changed after one phone call with Ash. I immediately felt as though I had been given my life back, or at the very least had been given the control back. I had clarity that I never even thought possible and keep in mind, this was after ONE CONVERSATION!

I was so excited to speak again and again and to continue to feel this new feeling of contentment. Ash’s ability to connect the dots and make sense of situations that seemingly made no sense at all is uncanny.

Today I walk around lighter (a theme that came up often during our sessions) and I finally feel genuinely happy. I smile so much more, I practice self care and love myself for who I am.

When life hands me lemons (as it always will), rather than spiraling into a state of panic and anxiety and allowing that feeling to last for weeks on end, I now have the tools necessary to handle this situations with much greater ease. Things that prior to Ash seemed to be monumental problems are now blips in the radar of life.

Because of Ash, I am now open to all of the beautiful possibilities that are out there for me.

I would recommend Life Coaching with Ash to absolutely everyone- And believe me, I do! Ash is an inspiration. Her love of life is nothing short of incredible. Her laughter is infectious, her energy insanely positive and her sincere appreciation for you and her desire to help practically jumps through the phone.

I wish that I could more easily put into words all that Ash has done for me. It’s almost as if it’s magic. And I hope that anyone who finds even a twinge of self-doubt or sadness gets to experience her magic. I am so very grateful for the life that I live and for Ash’s assistance in helping me to get here. She is a complete and total rock star who I cannot thank enough!”


“This is round 2 for me in working with Ash. This time around was just as fantastic as the first.

Working with Ash simply put, has changed my life.

This time when we first started on my vision of where I wanted to take my health coaching practice I was a bit lost in the direction I wanted to go. Also, learning to balance it all was and is a huge adjustment for me. Work, mom, wife, running my household. I was a bit frazzled to say the least. This was a whole new territory for me.

I was entering a new phase of my life. This is something that Ash helped me find the first time we started working together.

Ash held space for me to safely and without judgement find my way. She encouraged me to discover ways to be more myself in every part of my life.

She is gentle and oh so effective. Her intuition and guidance are priceless in remembering my authentic self. She wraps her clients in pure unconditional love and sees their greatness before they do.

She has taught me the importance of radical self-care. Now it is what supports me, gives me strength, connects me to myself. Without it I would feel like I was passively ping-ponging thru life feeling depleted, dull and lost (as in how I used to feel before working with Ash.)

As we touched on in our earlier work, and you bet this came up again…The storms will be there, but now I have learned to manage the ebbs and flows of life.

I have learned that in order to move forward being vulnerable is necessary. Before I would naturally shy away from anything that felt scary or difficult. Coaching has helped me take action. And sometimes that involves going where it’s uncomfortable.

Creating a life we want is often times harder than settling for what is right in front of you. It takes time, a lot of courage and energy. Ash helped me to edit my life to be more aligned with what I want.

Ash is love, creativity, passion and integrity. Working with Ash(again) is one of the best decisions I have ever made.”


“Before I started Life Coaching with Ashley, I was in a state of uncertainty. I knew I needed to go look within but I didn’t really know how. I would feel terrible for being multi-passionate and I didn’t know how to take care of myself.

Ashley provided me with lifetime tools for me to be able to ground myself, to deal with my emotions in a much healthier way. I now know how to connect with myself in order to live in alignment. I have a dedicated self-care routine that I don’t feel forced to maintain. It has become a second nature and it allows me a way to come back to myself. I have learned how to look for guidance within as opposed to outside of myself.

With Ashley, I have laid an incredible web of resources to continue to enrich my life and to help me pursue my self-development. This work doesn’t end with the end of your coaching. The end of your coaching is only the beginning and Ashley helped me become an independent miracle worker.

I would recommend Life Coaching to anyone who feels a deep sense of awakening but is lost in the amount of information and needs guidance to be put in right rails in order to keep developing their self-awareness. With Ashley, for anyone who needs a LOT of gentleness and care. Ashley knows how to be there for you but she will always make sure that you are growing your own wings.”


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