Client Love - Ash Cebulka

Client Love

When I started working with Ashley my life wasn’t bad but it certainly wasn’t great. I had settled into a state of emotional and financial purgatory. I felt stuck in a lifestyle routine where neither my soul nor my bank account were being properly nourished. I am a full time yoga instructor (and soon to be life coach, thanks to Ashley!) and at the time I was teaching an average of 18-20 classes a week. I literally had my dream job and still felt exhausted the majority of time. It is natural for me to give 100% to my students, both in and out of the studio. Somewhere along the way, I had forgotten how to give the same kind of love and attention to myself. At the end of everyday; I felt depleted and burnt out. I didn’t want to quit teaching but I also knew I could not keep living in that perpetual state of exhaustion and dis-ease. I desired a change and I was willing to work as hard as I needed to create one.

Since working with Ashley, absolutely everything has changed.

The most powerful tool I gained is the innate knowledge of how to pull myself back away from the edge when I start to spin. I have a history of anxiety and an active imagination, which can be a destructive combination. Now, I understand a few easy breaths, a glance at my life purpose statement and everything is easeful again.

Every minute, detail of my day-to-day life has changed. The first step of my tailored program was to personally design a consistent self-care routine. Now, I meditate twice a day, eat most of my meals at home and consistently indulge in facials and lavender bubble baths. The quality time I spent with myself reminded me of all I had to offer and how interesting of a person I am. My buried interests suddenly came back to life fury: fashion, writing, cooking, art, etc. I feel alive and free.

I channeled this abundance of energy and confidence into the beginning stages of business creation with a close friend and fellow yogi. I have cut my classes back in the studio and started to dedicate my time to private clientele where I feel I can offer people the most guidance and support. My website is launching soon and I am about to demo at The South East Yoga Journal Conference. Everything in my life seems to be aligning.

Oh yes, I am also about to move into my dream house on the beach. Life is so wonderful; I can barely keep up with all the beautiful details.

I would recommend Life Coaching to anyone who may be feeling a bit “lost” either in their personal or business life.

Ashley is an incredibly special human being with a unique talent for reminding people of the power they have in their own lives. She never once told me what to think or how to feel about any experience, desire or situation. Her method is to empower people to guide themselves deeply into their own intuition. It reminds me of the old proverb, “Give a man a fish and you will feed him for a day; teach a man to fish and you will feed him for a lifetime.” This woman will feed you for a lifetime.

Bethany Bubenzer

Before I started life coaching with Ashley, I had just graduated from college, moved back home, and was going through a major transitional period. I felt a loss of direction and mentally drained. I was caught up in what I wanted my life to become, finding the perfect career right away, and having all the answers.

I had heard of Ashley through other life coaches, and decided that it was worth a shot to reach out to her. From the moment we first spoke, I knew I could learn a lot from her and that her positive energy would be tremendously helpful in getting me back on track. Through working with Ashley, I was able to create a clear picture of what I want and how to work towards creating a life I love, while having fun along the way. I became more empowered, more decisive, and more confident. I have learned how to be more loving in my relationships and current job situation, as well as towards myself. I have also learned how to have more fun, forgive myself, and have begun to let go of unrealistic expectations I have for myself and others. Ashley is extremely passionate, motivational, and so much fun to work with.

Her optimism and energy clearly bring a dose of happiness to anyone who works with her. I would recommend life coaching with Ashley to anyone and everyone, especially those who are feeling stuck, lost, or like they have untapped potential waiting to be released! It truly was a wonderful experience.

Taylor Brown

Before I started life coaching with Ashley I knew what my dreams and goals in life were, but I was not clear on how to reach them or even why I thought I wanted them. I was not clear on the “why” part, I often spent time and energy seeking the wrong avenues. I would burn myself out trying to be everything to others and hardly ever took time to focus on my own desires.

After working with Ash, I feel inspired and equipped! I know my core desires and what I want them to look like and feel like in my life. Ashley taught me to celebrate successes along the way to my goals. Before working with Ashley, I would overlook really amazing things happening in my life because I was already on the fast track to the overall dream/goals.

Ashley gives really great “self love” prescriptions during each coaching session. For me in particular, this was much needed. I am now taking time out of my busy days to do the things I love to do and am spending more time with my husband and son. After opening a business and working for 11 months without a day off, I have learned to tell others “no”, and have learned that it’s okay to expect others to respect my personal life. Since I have consciously been taking time for me, I am able to run at 100% in other areas of my life, such as being a wife, a mom, a daughter, a sister, a friend and a business owner.

I would recommend life coaching to anyone seeking clarity and direction in their life. If you have BIG dreams, then work with Ash! She will set you on a clear path and empower you to achieve your wildest dreams.

Kelli DeWispelare

Before I met with Ash, I was desperate for my life to head in a certain direction but I had no idea how to make it happen. I felt frustrated, envious of others and generally ‘woe is me’. My mind was muddled and I felt overwhelmed with all the things I wanted to do but not knowing where to start. I carried a lot of anger towards myself for my supposed lack of achievements and blame towards others, my relationships suffering as a result. I thought I was doing the right things by practicing yoga (ego driven), meditating (halfheartedly) and creating vision boards (which I looked at once, whilst I was making it), so why wasn’t life happening for me? I felt very lost.

Everything changed in my life, when I started to meet with Ash. Soon after I started my program, my whole world opened up and opportunities started to flood in. My mood is lighter, I feel genuinely happy, my mind is so much clearer and I can prioritize with ease, achieving everything on my to do lists quickly and efficiently. Life still throws the odd curve ball but rather than spiraling into a whirlpool of self doubt and panic, the skills I learnt from Ash enable me to process the situation differently and it tends to disappear as quickly as it appeared.

Before I met Ash, I was just bumbling along. Six months later, I have written a screenplay, become pregnant, rebooted my voice over career, made specific plans with my husband that we are both working towards, excitedly as a team, had a complete financial overhaul and addressed issues from my adolescence that I had no idea even existed. I can steer negative thought patterns into the positive and I can safely say, hand on heart that I am the most comfortable in my skin, I have ever been. I feel excited every day and genuinely, gratefully happy.

I would recommend Life Coaching with Ashley to absolutely everyone. A shorter program for those who feel they have their life on track because I guarantee it will still catapult you forward, beyond where you thought you could go. A longer program for those who are unsure of where life is heading as coaching with Ash will unlock your true potential and suddenly you will be living life rather than watching it pass you by. Let not different countries be a deterrent as I am London based and our sessions worked perfectly (apart from when the clock change passed me by) as Ash is so accommodating.
Ashley is an inspiration and her unbelievable gusto for life is infectious. Ash is open with her own story and so her knowledge and teachings come from a personal place. She cares deeply, works without any judgement whatsoever and is a total bundle of love.

Helen S.

Before I started working with Ash, my life was filled with fear of being judged and/or criticized, which caused me to play it small. My life was a struggle, making decisions increased my stress load. I seemed to have very limited skills at making decisions that were in my best interest. I had good and bad days, ups and downs (inconsistency). I fueled myself with self doubt because I could not find the “right” path.  I was hungry for expansion but my negative and repetitive thoughts were keeping me stuck.

After working with Ash, the biggest change in my life has been a freedom to express myself. An unraveling transpired as we worked together and this has offered me a way of authentically expressing myself. I feel more confident. I no longer care what others think, say or do. I laugh more. I forgive more. I act embrace my silliness. I am happier. I have found a way to be more consistent. I witness my thoughts, fears and insecurities. I feel at peace with my life. I accept myself. I forgive myself. I feel Ashley would help in the future if needed, so I feel less alone. I feel supported. I have learned to love me. I connect to God in a different way every morning and evening.

I have learned a way to witness my fears and choose something other than fear such as love, expansion, or connection. I have discovered a confidence that was not there before and discovered that forgiveness and vulnerability are the way to live my dream life. I have devised a plan that helps me make decisions that are in line with who I am and this helps me stay drama free and focused. I have found an earth angel who is there to help support, listen or laugh with me at the drop of a phone call. I feel Ashley has my back and this is priceless!

During our work together my yoga classes have grown exponentially, I had 2 different yoga studios offer me a teaching position, numerous students have requested private sessions. I have turned down opportunities that aren’t in alignment with my highest vision and that feels great!

I would recommend  coaching with Ashley to someone who wants action (versus talk). Someone who is daring to be different, not afraid of self discovery, who is open to taking accountability for their life, desiring a new leash on life, not afraid to uncover old habits, and most of all someone who is capable of finding humor. Life coaching seems to offer long term applicable solutions! She tells us that we are rock stars but she is a true superstar!

Each week, I anxiously awaited to connect with her sweet and fiery voice. I miss her but I realize she offered me the love, support and tools that have helped me to begin to create a life that I love. Sacred time with Ashley was the best self investment ever and for that I am beyond grateful!

Leslie Storms

Before I started Life Coaching with Ashley, I was going through a lot of major life changes.
I had just gotten married, moved to a new country, started a new, challenging job, and was living with my new husband after being separated for 6 months (due to our employment). I was also planning to leaving my current job to start a brand new career, and wasn’t exactly sure the direction I wanted to go in. All of these changes happening at one time really overwhelmed me and I was looking for some guidance. That guidance came in the form of me stumbling across Ashley’s website and, after learning a bit about who she was and how she has helped others, I decided to reach out and contact her.

The biggest changes I’ve had since working with Ashley have been learning how to be grateful for what I have and therefore living more in the present moment, gaining tools to help myself deal with stressful situations, more mindfulness, learning how to control my reactions, while also rediscovering what my life purpose is!!!!

I never really understood what it meant to be grateful and how that really can help me live in the present moment before working with Ashley. Now that I understand and implement being grateful for what I have, it has opened my eyes to recognize it daily! It has made a big difference for me in keeping positive thoughts and feeling fulfilled with all of the wonderful things that are currently going on in my life. She helped me to establish a regular mediation practice, develop my Core Desired Feelings, which bring me back to my natural state of happiness. While also helping me discover my unique life purpose, which has given me the perspective I needed to develop a plan for the future!

In addition to those results, I have been able to have a more positive outlook about my current job and actually am enjoying it more. My husband has noticed a positive difference as well. Overall, because of working with Ashley and the support of my husband, I have noticed positive shifts in my attitude and life that are leading me down a path that I want to be living!

I would definitely recommend Life Coaching with Ashley to anyone who feels that they need help achieving a life they want to be living but maybe aren’t exactly sure how to get there. I honestly thought that I was a person who really does ‘have it together’ but with so many unexpected life changes happening at one time and my uncertainty with what I wanted to do for a future career, I needed some guidance. Ashley was right there for me and it was a wonderful experience working with her. She is down to earth, honest, relatable, understanding, and FUN to work with. She was always there for me whenever I needed support. It feels like you are talking to a friend that’s known you for awhile because she is very in tune with what her client’s need and I always felt happier, more relaxed, and more sure of myself after a session with her. I would honestly recommend anyone to contact Ashley because something in your life will change for the better after working with her!

Allison Chamberlin

Ash is brilliant, magical, and inspiring. Just being around her, elevates me. Her ability to listen, validate, and accept those around her makes her a spectacular coach, and my soul sista. She is real, and hilarious.

My wish for you is a dose of Ash Cebulka in your life!!!

Elli Boland

Before starting my coaching sessions with Ashley, life felt overwhelming since problems kept arising from every direction.  It seemed like I had to put out one fire at a time, and I could never get ahead or begin moving forward in my life.  These issues obviously produced enormous amounts of anxiety and prevented me from doing the things I needed to do, even on a daily basis.

Since working with Ashley, I feel like I can better steer the direction of my life.  Because I’m focusing my energy on the issues that I’ve prioritized for myself throughout our coaching, I don’t confront as many challenges and, when I do, I am more present and have the tools to deal in the ordinary flow.  The confidence, concentration and conviction that I’ve gained have also reduced my anxiety, and I’m steadily accomplishing my goals and setting new ones.

If someone had asked me six months ago, I would have said that life coaching sounds great but is not for me.  I simply thought that I had all the tools and possessed the capability to succeed in life.  However, my coaching experience with Ashley has demonstrated to me that there are always more tools out there and that anyone can benefit from an external boost, especially when things don’t feel like they’re going your way.  Whether you feel like you’ve fallen into a deep rut or you’re simply looking for a sounding board for various ideas, Ashley will provide a burst of positive, enthusiastic energy and the precise tools to move yourself in the direction you wish to go.

Adam Jaffee

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