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How I Got Fired From A Pizza Joint And Launched My Coaching Biz

It’s a big week over here!  

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Today, I have an extra treat for you. 

You know those moments when you meet someone and you instantly feel like the Universe is doing a dance party on your behalf? Where half of the conversation is filled with, “Oh my gosh, ME TOO!” The overlap and almost simultaneous life experiences have your jaw on the ground and bring a big ol’ smile to your face?

Well, that’s what happened when I met the luminous, Carrie Montgomery. We met in New Hampshire a few weekends ago and the parallels in our lives were freakin’ nuts. 

We flip flopped careers – she used to be in coaching and now has a fashion business. I used to be in fashion and now I Coach. I had the pleasure of doing an interview with Carrie last week and it was a blast!

First, let me tell you a little bit more about her. 

Carrie Montgomery is the creator of The Somatic Dressing Method™. She’s a creative – the big-picture vision thinker. Her talent lies is in helping you curate your image and how the world perceives you.

Carrie was raised in a world influenced by design, her parents are both interior designers and her grandmother a fashion icon.

She was featured speaker at Maine Live. “The clothes you wear are so much more than what other people see; they can help you create and energizing and healing frame of mind. A whole new you.” 

Carrie shared her story of personal growth — from a young girl struggling with debilitating back problems to a poised woman who has found a purpose for her love of fashion and the ability to help others shine. 

You can learn more about her on

Her method in dressing people, is nothing short of genius. In our chat she shared more of  her background and how she created this method, that literally changes the way women feel and view their bodies. Really, it changes their lives. 
I shared  about how I went from eating humble pie, working in a pizza restaurant after my last failed business. How I got fired from the pizza restaurant (the one and only time, I’ve ever been fired.) To launching my coaching biz with not much to stand on, other than a whole lotta hope and passion and how I grew the biz to what it is today. 

Click the link below and learn about our wild, rebellious journeys and how we both finally created careers we’re madly in love with.

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