It Gets Messy Before It Gets Better. - Ash Cebulka

It Gets Messy Before It Gets Better.

I hope you have a tasty beverage in your hand as you read this. 

Around 12:30pm today, I was driving home from a morning beach sesh with my Sweet Siena. As she fell asleep in the car I found myself thinking about how much life has changed since she was born.

Before I knew it I was going down the rabbit hole, thinking about how many people I know who are in the middle of massive transformation.

You know the kind where you feel like you want to crawl outta your own skin and at the same time you want to dance like Justin Timberlake in the kitchen – but you can’t decide which one do first? Yay, that kind.  

They’re shedding old layers – chock full of should’s, people expectations of them, perceived failures, habits that suck and curiously (sometimes awkwardly – cause change is awkward) finding out what’s underneath.

Once the dust settles they feel truly at home – perhaps more than ever – in their own lives. 

But here’s the thing so many people don’t talk about. 

Transformation while it can be scary, exciting, daunting and pretty much everything in between; IS inevitable.

Especially if you’re listening to your intuition and trusting what you hear.

We’re not here to stay stuck in the same old, same old. That would be boring as hell, wouldn’t it?! 

We’re here to grow, expand and learn from the tough shit as well as the beautiful parts of life. 

I was on a call with the women in my Passionately Free Program yesterday and one member, genuinely believed she was “just one of those people that didn’t have passion or much purpose.” (my heart hurt when I heard this.) 

Then THE moment happen. 

That light bulb moment, as we peeled back the layers of her beautiful truth and like a sparkly diamond sitting in the center of who she really is – she uncovered her purpose – it was waiting there all along.

Just patiently hoping she’d notice how bright and brilliant it was. With no need to change who she is, the interests she has, her personality, none of it. 

Tears flowed down my face as I watched that electric moment – as they always do. Because I know, her life will never be the same. Once you truly remember that gem, there’s not turning back.

Incase you’re thinking, “I don’t think I have a purpose.” Let me stop you right now. 

You’re alive. A human being with heart beating in your chest, with a personality that’s totally unique – unlike any other. You’ve had a lifetime of experiences that have led you to this moment. Of course you have a purpose. You wouldn’t be here if you didn’t. 

Ok, now that’s covered. 

On the way to creating change and realizing your purpose it’s gonna get messy before it gets better.  

Because we’ve gotta let go of the nonsense stories we accumulated over the years based on fear, so we can emerge as the newest and truest version of ourselves. 

Incase you’re in this stage of your life, I want to tell you this – Don’t try to make change perfect. Please for the love of all things holy, don’t over think it, over spiritualize it, try to make sense of every single thing.

That just makes the whole experience more exhausting. 

Let it be messy. Let yourself feel every freakin’ emotion. Cry. Weep. Scream. Do whatever you’ve gotta to do, to move through it. Your Spirit will thank you. Because as the saying goes, “The only way out, is through.” 

On the other side, waits the you that’s so full of confidence, passion, trust and a deep knowing of who you really are. Oh and trust me, she’s ready to dance any damn time you want. 

All love, 


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