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“Ash gave me the tools to find the confidence and passion to pursue where my heart was leading me. Anyone who wants to live their fullest life, who wants to improve their relationship with themselves, who wants to block out other people’s expectations to find what they truly want and believe, should work with Ash. If I had read these words before we worked together, I would think the author was exaggerating. Having written them, and having worked with Ash, I can tell you that these words do not say enough.”


There are many things I can say about Ash and the work she does. To sum it up in one word…magic.


She has a knack for helping you slow your roll, take a step back and break things down in manageable steps. She takes you through a process that helps you gain a ton of clarity on the things you are struggling and working on, both personally and professionally.

As well tapping into what truly lights you up and how to bring more of that into your life.

I could not recommend Passionately Free enough. It’s a game changer. If you are feeling the niggle that you are ready to dive and do some work, this is the perfect program. Take the leap, invest in yourself, you won’t regret it.



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