Passionately Free - Ash Cebulka

A soulful program to intuitively help you launch a purpose driven business.
So you can create the profits and meaningful difference you’re here to make.

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Passionately Free

Are you over being freaked out,
overwhelmed & feeling totally lost?

Ready to slow the hell down? Stop pleasing everyone except yourself and
remember what your purpose is on the planet?
If your answer is an overarching YES, you’re in the right place!

Passionately Free is the exact formula I’ve used to ditch striving for perfection, people pleasing and experiencing burn out over and over again.

I traded those in for, trusting myself like a boss and being fully self expressed. I began taking bold risks as I created a wildly fulfilling career that’s driven by my mission to make a positive impact on the world.

I’ve coached hundreds of women around the globe, sharing this exact process so they too, can be unabashedly themselves as they embrace their brilliant (and quirky) gifts. As they launch bada$$ careers doing work they were put on this planet to do.

I’ve created this online course to give you all of my best secrets, practices and shortcuts so you can launch that biz and become the woman you were born to be. Where freedom becomes your middle name.  

In the course we do real, I’m a straight shooter with a bunch of empathy in my pockets & heart. So, while I have loads of compassion – I want to help you kick some serious ass, by encouraging you to quit the game of playing small.

No more hiding behind what you’re good at (but find unfulfilling).

No more trying to be successful based on society’s terms.

This is all about helping you be unabashedly yourself, as you remember that brilliant purpose alive inside you, so you can make the difference you’re undeniably here to make.

All while having the freedom to design your quality of life.

Tell me if this sounds familiar…

    • You’re exhausted from striving to be perfect. Meanwhile it’s holding you back from bravely taking the risks you know you want to take – especially in biz.
    • You feel like you’re caught in an adult hamster wheel. Drowning the To-Do lists, dishes, laundry, and all adult responsibilities. Yet, deep down you’re craving passion of your own, way more adventure and a helluva lot more freedom.
    • You’re sick of spending so many precious hours every week, doing work that’s painfully unfulfilling.
    • You feel totally disconnected from yourself and want to find that spark inside of you. You desperately want to wake up with a vision for your future and know the action steps to take – to make it your reality.
    • You want your J.O.B. to be based on doing the meaningful work you were put on this planet to do. Problem is, you have no clue where to start.
    • You’re ready to drop the should bombs of who you think “Should Be” and trade them in for being unapologetically you. Where you’re fully self expressed & passion is effortlessly infused into your lifestyle and work. 
    • You know you need a major upgrade in healthy habits, so you can set yourself up for the kind of success and freedom you’re dreaming of. You just kind of want someone to tell you what those habits are and you’ll do them.
  • You want/need a step-by-step guide to help you sort through the confusion of a big life transition. So you can fully listen to your intuition and be proud of how you show in the world; as you create a biz that’s the truest expression of you.
  • You’re ready to upgrade your lifestyle and make a meaningful difference in the world.
  • You want the value you add the world to match what you see in your bank account.
  • You’re craving a sisterhood of like minded women who you can relate to and be supported by as you grow, learn and take big leaps in your life & biz.

Here’s some results you can expect

    • Huge increase in confidence and self worth as you remember your unique gifts, then proudly share them with the world.
    • Freedom to have a consistent and flexible self care practice.
    • Enthusiasm about your action plan to create a career where your 3 P’s – Passion, Purpose and Personality are the driving force.
    • Transformation of your money mindset.
    • Clarity on how to earn your ideal income.
    • Empowerment from dropping old limiting beliefs and behaviors that hold you back.
    • Freedom from old patterning and limiting beliefs.
    • Freedom to create your own schedule and work with whoever you want.
    • Strategies on how to work with your ideal clients and how to help them fall in love with your brand.
  • Community of like minded women who are on this path with you and supporting every step of the way.

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