So You Want To Run Away? Me Too. - Ash Cebulka

So You Want To Run Away? Me Too.

Truth talk.

Sometimes you’re gonna want to run away, from yourself.

Like, far away.

In a dream, it’d be somewhere they serve margs & guac on repeat and the ocean is a beautiful hue of turquoise blue.

While that sounds dreamy, you and I both know that’s not where the real answers are waiting.

When we dive into deep healing work, it can be excruciating but worth it.

There’s usually a cocktail of emotions swirling around inside of us; filled with an avalanche of racing thoughts, fears, insecurities and a sinking feeling of being stuck.

But we’re never stuck. It’s all progress, even the pain.

Actually, pain is a crucial part of growth. I know, not my favorite news deliver but here’s the upside.

Can you imagine strolling through life without heartbreak? Without knowing how deeply you could love, so much you’d be crushed when it didn’t work out? Look how much we learn in those moments.

I don’t just mean in romantic relationships, I also mean when a loved one gets seriously ill, hurt or even, sadly passes away.

Those moments, wake us up. They shine a spotlight on our lives, on what matters most to us – the people we love and the experiences we share.  

If we never experienced pain, we would – because humans often do – forget to slow down and cherish what’s right in front of us.

When pain shows up, it’s an invitation to tap into our courage and get present.

To let go of all the old stories and beliefs (even if for a while they felt safe) that are blinding us from seeing just how freakin’ beautiful our lives are, no matter how messy.

Healing encourages us to kick up the dust so to speak. We charge towards our fears, darkness rises to the surface so we can boldly face it and learn how to accept it – even if at first we do so, begrudgingly.

This is how we truly heal  the wounds that have been percolating underneath. And let me tell you, we all have wounds.

When we can embrace both our darkness & our light, we’re able to fully know and embody self love. Sometimes this task can feel like a royal pain in the ass and pretty much the last thing you want to do. Yet here’s what I can promise, it’s also the most beautiful dance you will ever know.

Truly knowing yourself, even the parts that are scary to look at; facing your fears and tapping into everyday courage; will not only remind you of who you truly are – it will set you free.

The only way out is through.

So let’s grab our dancing shoes and dance our way through.

All love and massive gratitude,


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