Tell Me if This Ever Happened To You. - Ash Cebulka

Tell Me if This Ever Happened To You.

13 years ago I walked into a room with 10 women sitting in a circle and all I could tell myself was, “Don’t poop your pants!” 

I was nervous in my bones. Like, waaaay more nervous than going on a first date or having sex for the first time. I wanted to bail on my word. 

You know why? Because up until that moment my relationships with women had been complicated and to be totally honest, I had a hard time trusting “them.” 

I had been working with a coach for 6 months and he invited me to join a Women’s Group. He thought it would be a great opportunity to  heal the old crap that was holding me back from experiencing the deep bonds I so desperately craved to have with like minded women. 

Over the next year, I sat with that group of incredible women every month. We’ll pulled back the curtain of our lives and got vulnerable and so damn honest. Initially it felt terrifying to be so deeply seen – I was raw, I cried so much snot ran down my face, I shared my massive dreams that seemed so big I thought anyone who listened would legit think I was crazy. 

While it was terrifying, it was equal parts wildly freeing. I could feel their unwavering support and it forever changed my life. Every aspect of my life to be exact.

Has this ever happened to you? Where you almost bailed on a event or experience because of nerves but then you stuck it out and as a result you ended up having a life changing experience.  If you’re nodding your head; I know you get how crazy powerful it is. 

Being able to talk to women about the real stuff, not the surface level BS we’ve been conditioned to bond over – ie., gossiping, picking apart our bodies, bitching about our spouses, judging each other- none of that was allowed in our circle and you know what happened? We created some of the deepest unshakeable bonds. 

We shared our deepest fears, our hidden insecurities, we revealed the dreams we’d never told another soul about, we healed from past hurts & traumas, we encouraged and supported one another as we fiercely pursued our passions. We learned how to nurture our relationships  and marriages. We held space for one another and as a result, we all grew, a lot. 

This is why I decided to create the retreat I’m leading in October. Because. when women come together in the name of growth, magic happens. We’re gonna have fun. We’ll laugh our asses off. We’ll leave behind some of the expired stories that weigh us down. We’ll grow individually and together. You’ll learn from one another’s life’s experience and it will be freaking INCREDIBLE. 

I’ve been getting a lot of questions about the retreat so in case  you’re wondering about the same things, I thought I’d share here. 

Q. Will there be actual downtime? I don’t like retreats where the schedule is so full, I can’t actually relax.

A. YASSSS. I created pockets of time, throughout every day for naps, downtime and for you to do whatever the hell you want. I really want every single person to walk away feeling truly refreshed and like you actually went on vacation, rather than exhausted upon returning home. 

Q. Does the cost cover everything? 

A. YES. The cost includes everything – your room, all of your food, yoga, meditation, hip hop classes, group coaching session, 1:1 PSYCH-K sessions with me, plus other activities that are available. The only thing it doesn’t cover is booze. If you want booze, you can buy them at the local grocery store. 

Q. What’s the daily schedule? 

Thursday October 17th 

12pm check in 

12:30pm lunch then downtime 

2pm – 3pm Connect and coaching with Ash 

3-4pm downtime

4pm – 5pm –  Hip Hop with Kris Ward 

6pm – Dinner      

7pm on CHILL 

Friday October 18th 

7:30am – Meditation

8am-  Yoga with Bethany 

9:00am – Breaky 

9:45- 11:45am – Coaching with Ash

12:30pm – Lunch 

1-4 – Downtime

4:30pm – Hip Hop with Kris 

 6:30pm – Dinner 

7:30pm on – Hang Sesh/Downtime 

Saturday October 19th

7:30am – Meditation

8am-  Yoga with Bethany 

9:00am – Breaky 

9:45- 11:45am – Coaching with Ash

12:30pm – Lunch 

1-4 – Downtime

4:30pm – Hip Hop with Kris 

 6:30pm – Dinner 

7:30pm on – Hang Sesh/Downtime 

Sunday, October 20th 

8am –  Meditation & Yoga

9am – Breakfast 

10-11 – Power hour Coaching 

11-12 Relax 

12pm-  Check out 

Sounds dreamy, right? 

What WON’T be happening at the retreat is the following…

Gossiping, drinking so much you need a vacation from your retreat, comparing ourselves to one another, feeding our doubts so much they end up trumping our dreams, being judgy and acting better than one another, putting down one another’s life choices, being close minded; we’re leaving all that BS behind. 

This is about you making yourself a priority so you can return home feeling lighter, more relaxed and even more focused on what matters most. You’ll walk away with new friends that could lead to all kinds of amazing bonds, adventures and experiences in the future. 

Oh and, we’ll be in paradise! Charleston in October is a DREEEAAAMMM! Come lounge with us right here. 

There’s only a  few spaces left. 

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