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You’re The Author Of Your Story

I want to know if you’ve experienced this before.

I’ll paint the picture for you.

A beautiful woman has a deep yearning to break free from the molds she’s created for herself over the years. She’s so sick of the pit she feels in her stomach filled with the worries, fears and questions that keep her up at night.

Lying in bed, while everyone else is a asleep, she’s thinking…

“Will I ever do something really meaningful? Do I have any passion left in me? How the heck could I use my passion to help others? What am I even good at? When am I going to take better care of myself? Am I ever going to be able to create a better income? Is this how my life is going to go, for like, ever? Ugh. I’m so tired of feeling this way.”

These thoughts and many more have kept her feeling stuck and tied down to a life that’s OK, but certainly not great.

The old story, tells her she doesn’t have what it takes.

That she’s not focused enough, successful enough, smart enough, blah, blah, blah.

Sadly, she believes she just ‘might not be one of those people that can really create a life she’s madly in love with.’

The old story yells at her,

“Who are you to pursue your passions? Nobody wants to hear from you!”

She listens to that voice, and her insecurities rise. Self doubt takes the wheel and the negative stories continue…

”You’re not good enough to take big risks. You don’t have what it takes to succeed, to stand out. Plus, look at all the other people doing what you want to do, it’s been done already. So, don’t put yourself out there, save yourself from looking like a fool.” The pit in her stomach growls at her. 

Yet, secretly there’s a strong pull coming from deep inside her soul that’s aching to let that story go. She wants to design a life that feels so connected, actually driven by your inner wisdom, that she feels totally herself in everything she does.  

She wants to live a life, where her passions come alive and her work helps others on a massive level, every single day. Where she uses her talents and her personality to do work that feels effortless and simultaneously truly fulfilling.

ALL while, earning a great income and having a lifestyle where she makes her own schedule. She’s ready to go on more girls trips to beautiful places and spend quality time with the women who remind her of who she really is, all while laughing her ass of over a french fries and wine. She wants to be fully present for her family and friends. While knowing she’s LIVING her purpose.

But this dream feels out of reach because she’s decided it is.

She wants to take this leap so badly BUT that damn story gets in the way.

I know this all too well, because I was that girl. I used to let so many stories hold me back.

I’ve seen it with everyone of my clients.

The stories we tell ourselves, either fuel our dreams or drain them. 

So my question to you is, what story are you replaying over and over again in your head that’s draining your dreams? What are you telling yourself that stops you from taking action? What are you telling yourself that makes the clarity about what to do next, feel like it’s 500 miles away.

Write that story down. Every detail.

Then, with a whole lot of passion. RIP THAT PUPPY UP. Rip it to shreds in a ceremonial way. Say peace out!  Kiss it goodbye. Free yourself from the self imposed limitations. Release that energy with ALL you’ve got.

It can actually be that simple.

The stories we repeat in our heads, play out in the way we speak and act. So, if you want to write a new story of your life and actually LIVE IT; you’ve got to stop repeating that old, worn out story of the past. 

You don’t have to have it all figured out, just start with the clarity you have right now. You can build as you go. The more you claim what you want in life, the more clarity will be revealed to you over time about how to create it.

After you’ve ripped that old story to shreds, give yourself full permission to want what you want. Then, write out the story of who you want to be.

Get detailed, about how you want to feel in your body, in your spirit, what you want to do with your days, the conversations you want to have, how you interact with your family, your spouse, your friends. Talk about what kind of work you do in the world and how you FEEL while you’re doing it. Write the whole story in present tense, using “I” statements.

Then speak as though that story is true. Use “I am statements.” It may be uncomfortable at first, but trust me this works. You’ll start to see evidence of that being the case before you-freaking-know-it.

This is all about investing and spending your energy wisely.

You can be anything you want to be.

As the brilliant Dr. Wayne Dyer Once said, “You’ve got to believe it, to see it.”

Believe with all your heart that your dreams are very real and most importantly that you are worthy of living them. It all comes down to a choice, let go of the old; so you can breathe fresh life into the new.

You got this,


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