I Know What It’s Like to Feel Weighed Down by Uncertainty

And have no clue how to create what you want

que the wakeup call

It took a health scare, living in constant exhaustion, and some major lifestyle changes for me to wake up to who I was and what I really wanted in this life.
As I stepped back, I realized I had fallen into the trap listening to the world around me. Have you ever done that? It’s so depleting, right?
I was stuck in a habit of abandoning myself in hopes of creating success and connection with others. You and I both know, that’s a quick trip to co-dependency and burn out. 
I’m no stranger to major life changes...

Since 23, I have been an entrepreneur. I’ve followed my passions from clothing and furniture stores, gourmet cookie boutiques, and now a thriving coaching business. 
I spent years chasing other people’s definition of success - looking for approval while taking care of everyone BUT myself. I was good at moving a million miles a minute, striving and then burning out.
I was the “yes” person. The people pleaser who, at the end of the day, wasn’t helping anybody (especially myself.)
Once I realized it was time to slow down (ahem, still a daily practice for me.) I knew my beliefs and many of my daily habits were never going to support me to become the woman I know I was born to be. So, I took a major inventory of what needed to change. I hired coaches and started creating my own intuitive practices which cultivated a deep level of self trust. 
As these new ways of being helped me fully embrace who I am, what my natural gifts are, and how to share them with the world - I took a course and graduated as a lifestyle design coach. 
Through the process I healed from a decade long eating disorder, experienced the loss of my oldest brother, quit drinking, left toxic relationships and built my dream career from the ground up. Of course it wasn’t a cake walk and it took eating humble pie many times but over time; the growth settled in. 

All of those seasons woke me up to what was most important in my life

I Found My Purpose

And I’m devoted to using that purpose as a force for good. 
Owning it has become a way of life for me. Which means, I own and take full responsibility for every aspect of my life. Cultivating and pursuing my dreams, tending to my pleasure, my growth and staying lit up from inside out is completely up to me and it feels damn good knowing that. 
I trust my intuition to guide me to the people, places and experiences I’m meant to have. If I desire something, I realize there’s a sweet spot of both working for it and allowing it into my life. I believe desires choose me and you for a reason. They want to be expressed through us and if they make us come alive with enthusiasm, they’re worth our time and energy in my book. 
I’ve slowed down and realized that spaciousness is vitally important for my creativity and well being. Isn’t it funny how that happens? How slowing down actually creates more of what you want? 
I finally feel settled and comfortable with who I am and how I show up in the world. I take life day by day; I’ve given up the rat race of always chasing a new goal. Instead I’ve wrapped my arms around my many roles as a Mom, Friend, Boss and Sister. I’ve given myself full permission to focus daily on being present, radiant, compassionate, light hearted and fun. 
If you told me I would say those words 15 years ago, I would have thought you lost your mind. 
Discovering my calling and leaning into my natural gifts opened the floodgates of opportunities in my work and personal life. Daily Rituals based on pleasure have amplified every aspect of my life. Work has become a consistent stream of joy, inspiration and ease. I feel so blessed to work with dream clients and collaborate with my friends creating retreats and group coaching experiences that deeply nourish women’s souls.  
I love creating a community of sisterhood, where women feel seen and understood. Our main goal is to ignite clarity as they settle into trusting their rock solid intuition. We’re all about supporting and lifting one another higher in every aspect of our lives. 
I’m devoted to helping women remember the power of their inner wisdom, so they can use that force to consciously write the story of their lives - knowing that it gets to feel and look however they want it to. 

I want to help you find this too

let's get started

The "Official" Bio

Ash Cebulka is a Transformational Coach & Lifestyle Entrepreneur

She has spoken at the Volvo Open, Charleston Realtor Leadership Development Conferences, One Club, Village Marketing, Yoga Pop, and been featured in Mind Body Green, Yoga Journal, The Daily Love.

Whether on stage in front of hundreds of people, consulting corporations, or working with her private clients, Ash’s mission is to empower others to become who they were born to be. 

She’ll help you transform your mindset, upgrade your daily habits and have unshakeable belief in yourself.
Her coaching has helped thousands of women around the globe trust their intuition and turn their passions into thriving purpose driven, creative careers that make a positive impact in the world.

Fun Facts

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I will travel pretty much anywhere for great live music. 

A gorgeous and delicious meal enjoyed with people I love is the way to my heart. 

Family is everything to me. 

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