My mission is to help you create meaningful and sustainable changes in your life. My work is based on a combination of neuroscience, intuitive practices, and spirituality. The practices I passionately share today helped me radically change my own life and heal from a history of anxiety, disordered eating, and depression. 

Trained in PSYCH-K - a subconscious integration modality, I facilitate sessions where you rewire your subconscious beliefs and close trauma loops while simultaneously regulating your nervous system. 

My work guides you to insights that illuminate your conditioning and old programming, so you can write a new heart-centered story for your life. A story that you consciously choose to create. 

Whether speaking on stage, working with creatives on retreats, or working with my private clients, I love sharing practical and powerful practices you can integrate into your daily life; so you can not only change your lifestyle and mindset but, most importantly have a more resilient, stronger, loving and light-hearted relationship with yourself.

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I will travel pretty much anywhere for great live music. 

A gorgeous and delicious meal enjoyed with people I love is the way to my heart. 

Family is everything to me. 

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A practice to help you create a solid relationship with yourself. As you listen to your wisdom and let it lead the way with your daily actions. 

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