Imagine you being in a safe and supportive environment where you can cultivate a deeper connection to self. 

This retreat is designed for people who feel:
burned out
and who just need time for themselves. 

For people who are seeking time  & space to release the stress and emotions that have been weighing them down. 

Our time together helps you shift your nervous system from feeling totally fried to more balanced.  We combine ancestral and modern modalities which allow you to glide through change more easily and peacefully. All while creating a meaningful mindset and behavioral changes that actually last. 

Empowering You: A Retreat for Personal Growth & Self-Discovery

The retreat is grounded in science-based research and proven wellness strategies that unlock your fullest potential and overcome your blocks. Our mission is to enhance your mental well-being and empower you to tap into a deep sense of confidence and resilience.  So you can create what you truly want in life.

"The day retreat is like taking a mini vacation from life. Where you receive guidance to tackle life's challenges, while wrapped in love for the day. Ash & Dani help you heal, harness your intuition and inner strength."

Who is the retreat for? 

  • People who are feeling burned out from juggling all their roles 
  • People who are going through big transitions such as divorce, changing career, becoming an empty nester, first time.
  • People who are ready to break generational trauma + patterns and pave a new conscious lifestyle for you and/or your family.
  • People who are seeking to have a healthier relationship to themselves and to the loved ones they care about the most.

On This Retreat  You Will Experience 

A Deep Connection To Self 
Reduced Stress 
Intune with your intuition 
A regulated Nervous System 
Inner Peace 
Being in your heart
Access your courage so you can take Action
Being Grounded
In Tune with Your Power
Being Supported & Understood 
Transformed beliefs in your subconscious
Walk away with tools to help you regulate your nervous system daily 
Feeling like you had a spa day for your soul

“I felt really safe and open at our Creative Renew Day Retreat. I loved the cacao ceremony, I was operating out of my heart… felt very connected to my heart's desires. PSYCH-K allowed me to get clear on my mindset and what my blockages were, then helped me shift them. Cacao and Psych K went hand in hand together. I felt so relaxed and open after our day together. I recommend this retreat to all kinds of creatives.” 

- Craig Musician/Producer 

“After the Renew Retreat 
I feel calm, relaxed, and more aware on both conscious and subconscious levels. 

I’m mindful of my feelings towards people and events and circumstances that would create strong reactions in the past.

 I’m applying the tools I’ve learned during the retreat into my everyday action. 

I’m hopeful, more light, and feeling more connected to my feminine energy and the goddess within me. She’s guiding me.” 


"The combination of the rituals, Psych-K and the Cacao ceremonies created a space where my creativity was able to flow freely. I'm more inspired and confident in my work now than ever before." 

-Brendan James/ Singer Song Writer

"I really enjoy the feeling of being cared for, not only from and by you Ash, but by the environment, the cooking, the luxuries and comforts that surround us.

I certainly left feeling renewed and rejuvenated. Deeply sad to say goodbye to our group, but recharged and cared for.

I felt held in this sacred retreat. It's where the magic happens."


"I love that this retreat felt like coming home, there was such a feeling of ease. What works so well is that we have planned activities and plenty of downtime - it’s a great balance.

I left Renew feeling like I was 100% floating on air. Fulfilled emotionally, mentally, physically, and so happy for all of the laughs as well.”


"I came back from that retreat fully empowered, renewed, and feeling alive again. 

I had a newfound trust in my ability to handle the changes taking place in my life. 

I learned with Ash and Dani to trust that I would figure it out one step at a time while continuing to honor my needs and take care of myself. 

I really couldn’t have gotten through this phase in my life without these women."


"I love that this retreat felt like coming home, there was such a feeling of ease. What works so well is that we have planned activities and plenty of downtime - it’s a great balance.

I loved Dani’s cacao ceremony; it was magical and deeply powerful for me. I was amazed at how what I put forth as my intention came to me so clearly and carried me throughout the whole weekend. I’m still feeling it.

I left Renew feeling like I was 100% floating on air. Fulfilled emotionally, mentally, physically, and so happy for all of the laughs as well.”


“My favorite part of the Renew Retreat is the vibe and the people.

Ash’s has an extraordinary way of creating a conducive environment in which people can connect and feel safe.

Dani’s cacao ceremony set the tone for the act of letting go.

I took a lot away from the coaching - discovering how to find the balance between anger and forgiveness, boundaries and acceptance.

I left feeling rested and renewed. I will definitely be back for the next Renew retreat.”


Meet the Team

The combination of our modalities based on neuroscience and ancestral wisdom allows us to address the root cause of artists' stress and creative blocks. So they can create powerful and sustainable internal shifts in their mindset and self-confidence..

Daniela Miranda| Indigenous Shaman/Medicine Woman

A Chilena with Indigenous Mapuche blood, I come from a long line of medicine women who have in one way or another shut their medicine down for survival. I'm here in this lifetime to reclaim that medicine and empower all generations to live free and wild. I come from tribal warriors who love and honor Pachamama and whose medicine is imprinted in her DNA.

Years ago for survival, I also shut down my magic and medicine. I've reclaimed it and connected other artists to their own medicine and magic through ceremonies.

Ash Cebulka | A Transformation Guide

She guides individuals to clarity by translating their intuition into action. My mission is to help them create meaningful and sustainable changes in their life. My work is based on a combination of neuroscience, intuitive practices, and spirituality.

Trained in PSYCH-K - a subconscious integration modality, I facilitate sessions where individuals upgrade their subconscious beliefs and programming; while simultaneously regulating their nervous system. 


  • The modalities we use have a direct positive effect on your mental wellness. The modalities used in this retreat, such as Ceremonial Cacao and Psych-K, have been shown to have direct positive effects on mental wellness. Both of these approaches are supported by scientific research and can help to replenish the nervous system, connect us to rituals and ceremonies, and ground us back to ourselves. By engaging in activities that support mental health and well-being, artists can gain a clearer mind and increased focus, leading to improved creativity and productivity.
  • Replenishes the Nervous System.  Our nervous system controls our overall state of calm and contentment. It also plays a huge role for those suffering from anxiety, panic attacks, and burnout. Resetting our nervous system requires strategic and mindful practice, not just self-care rituals. By maintaining a calm nervous system over time, we can boost our quality of life and increase our lifespan. Having a regulated Nervous System allows you to feel safe and opens the channel for creativity to flow through you freely.  
  • Connects us to rituals and ceremonies  Rituals and ceremonies are an essential part of the human experience, providing a sense of belonging and connection to something greater. They are crucial for our mental health and well-being, reminding us that there is more to life than what we can perceive. Embracing these practices can help us tap into our creative potential and unlock our highest potential. Let us honor and celebrate these traditions, for they connect us to our intuition and each other.
  • It Grounds Us Back To Ourselves. Grounding makes us stay connected to the present. Instead of getting lost in anxiety and reviewing a made-up version of reality in our head, grounding allows us to experience the moment we are in. It requires being connected to ourselves and provides stability and calm even in challenging situations.

What happens when we have blocks?

Blocks are often the result of subconscious beliefs that undermine our confidence and creativity. According to neuroscience research, our brain’s default mode - what we consistently believe about ourselves and how we perceive life - is informed by our subconscious mind. The blocks we bump up against and the anxiety that pulses through our body is a response to the beliefs, trauma, and conditioning stored in our subconscious.

To move through perceived blocks and lack of motivation, the most powerful thing we can do is rewire our subconscious conditioning so that it supports our confidence and creative abilities. This can be done through the two modalities that have been proven scientifically to reframe negative thoughts, Ceremonial Cacao + Psych-K

Neuroscience also suggests that our brains are wired for connection and collaboration. When we engage in creative pursuits with others, our brains release dopamine and other feel-good hormones, which can help combat negative thought patterns and inspire new ideas.

By understanding the science behind the subconscious, we can create strategies to bypass the blocks and reclaim our creative power. Remember, the creative mind is limitless, and with persistence and the right tools, you can overcome any mental obstacle.

Our Retreats

Renew Personal/Group Day Retreat 

Day Retreat is for you if you can't get away for a weekend.  Yet you’re going through big life transitions - aka sh*t’s hit the fan- and you’re ready to take the deep dive into transformation.

It's an intimate and powerful experience of peeling back some layers and healing your heart. While unearthing your deepest desires and how you can bring them to fruition.

By the end of our time together you will experience relief, be more intune with your intuition and understand what to do next.  Allowing your heart and wisdom to lead the way.

Think of it as a spa day for your soul.

Renew Personal/Group Weekend Retreat

Weekend Retreat is for you if you are ready to take the deep dive and create lasting transformation.You'll be guided through rituals and practices that allow you to heal from trauma and upgrade your beliefs allowing you to create a solid foundation within yourself.

This weekend you’ll create a true reset with your nervous system. You’ll soften into your heart and be more deeply in tune with your desires and how to bring them into fruition in your life.

After our transformative weekend together, you will discover a profound connection to your inner power. Armed with newfound clarity and confidence, you'll be ready to embrace the future wholeheartedly. As a result, you'll gain invaluable insights about the life you’re creating one step at a time. 

Let's Chat

Let's Chat


Our Mission 


This space is for healing, honesty, letting go, and creating a new life for yourself one moment at a time.  

Our Philosophy  



We're here to help uncover them. Through the power of rituals, ceremonies, and subconscious integration you can support yourself through one of the most difficult transitions.  

Everything we share helps regulate your nervous system so you can deeply trust your intuition and desires through the noise.

How do we book a retreat?

This retreat is for the artist who is feeling drained, uninspired, or just in need of a break, this retreat is the perfect remedy. The Renew Retreat for Creatives is designed to help you reconnect with your creative spark, recharge your batteries, and soak up the beauty of nature.

To book your spot at this amazing retreat, just head over to the Let’s Chat below the types of retreat.

Once we’ve chatted you’ll be guided to complete the booking process, you'll get a confirmation email with all the deets you need to prepare for your retreat. So, get ready to embark on a transformative journey that'll leave you feeling inspired, rejuvenated, and ready to tackle your creative projects with renewed passion and energy!

Trust me, this retreat is a game-changer for creatives like us. 

Who are the Retreats for? 

These Renew Retreats are tailor-made for creatives who are feeling stuck, burned out, or just plain lost in the creative wilderness. Whether you're a musician or an actor, this retreat is your chance to press pause on your hectic schedule and find your way back to your creative spark.

Maybe you've been feeling like your music has hit a dead end, or your acting roles have been leaving you feeling uninspired. Whatever your creative struggle may be, this retreat is designed to help you rediscover your passion, unlock new creative ideas, and embrace new perspectives.

So, if you're a creative soul in need of a major reset, this is your chance to slow down, recharge your batteries, and reconnect with the heart of your creativity. Trust me, it's a game-changer!

How will I feel after the Retreat? 

At the Renew Retreat, artists of all kinds find a sanctuary where they can focus on their own needs and desires. During their time with us, they often find themselves inspired to create new music, as they tap into a deeper well of creativity and inner wisdom.

Our Retreat emphasizes nervous system regulation and self-care practices, which help artists cultivate a greater sense of peace and balance in their lives. As they learn to care for themselves in a sustainable way, they find that their creative blocks begin to fade, and new ideas start to flow.

Many artists have left the Renew Retreat with a renewed sense of inspiration and motivation to create meaningful music that resonates with their audience. They discover how to trust themselves and their creative process and find a deeper sense of fulfillment in their artistic endeavors.

If you're an artist looking to unlock your creative potential and rejuvenate your spirit, the Renew Retreat is the perfect haven for you. Join us and witness the transformative power of our program on your own artistic journey!

“My life is a testament to believing that if you want something you can make it happen.”
—Stevie Nicks

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