Ditch Overwhelm and Burnout

Juggling a million different roles - mother, partner, boss, friend, sister, the list goes on…meanwhile, you hardly take time for yourself.

Have you ever felt like you’re about to scream because everything and everyone is pulling at you, your kids, your job, your spouse?

If you’re going through the motions, living life on autopilot where it seems like no matter how you try to feel better, you’re still so damn tired - I get it! 

The past few years have been a doozy for all of us. It’s taken a toll on our minds, bodies and our spirits. Most people’s nervous systems are shot. When we’re walking around with an activated nervous system, we create a life that’s in response to fight, flight or freeze mode. Basically, responding with one reaction after another trying to get ahead but always feeling behind.

Got a little bit of self help and therapy fatigue?

Access Your Clarity, Courage and Resilience

Yet, when our nervous system is relaxed we can create a life that’s aligned with your truest nature. 

I’m sharing a way you can take care of yourself that’s both realistic to your full schedule and sustainable. 

It’s time to slow down and stop the cycle of burnout. 

Trust me love, there’s a different way to function and it’s way more fun. 

A Masterclass designed to help you calm your nervous system, trust your intuition and create a clear & meaningful path forward through sub conscious integration. 

We’re going to help you unlock the potential to feel good right here and now. So you can feel peace and freedom as you navigate your daily life in a way that’s more intuitive and less reactionary. 

I know how frustrating it can be when you have a big desire burning inside you but you keep repeating the same self limiting/sabotaging habits. Even when you logically know better. Kinda makes you wanna pull your hair out, right?! Trust me, we all do it. 

There's a reason that happens and I'll share why (no shame here) in the
Getting Out of Your Own Way Masterclass.

Welcome To




I Created This
Class to

help you...

Stop believing the lies that tell you why you can't, or it's impossible or you should stop wanting so much; keep you from living the life that you're being called to live. 

Think of this as a loving reset for your system. 

I'm going to share easy daily rituals and routines you can use no matter what you're trying to overcome, so you can tune into your power and transform your life. 

This class is going to be restorative, nourishing and healing. 

No need to make it complicated. 

Simple, effective and life enhancing practices to help you feel… well, more you. 

I'm IN!

What You'll Find Here

Daily practices for ...

How to start and sustain a self care ritual that nourishes your mind, body & soul and brings more ease to your life.

A practical way to reduce anxiety while calming & restoring your nervous system (calm nervous system = way more peace + rational thinking!)  

A Guided Visualization Meditation 

Simple way to listen to, trust and act on your intuition in any situation. 

Journaling practices based on metacognition that’ll get you out of your head and into empowered action. (Less reaction, more reflection. This part’s key, love.) This will help you follow through with ease. Kinda’ like an action plan, just less rigid. 

Subconscious integration tool - that will radically transform your thought process & daily habits. 

As Your
Nervous System

chills out

Let this be the beginning of more ease, less pressure. And of course, a helluva lot more fun. 

When we live intuitively, we’re more trusting and open. This allows you to pour your energy into possibility. 

I'm gonna light a fire under your a$$ and encourage you to go for it! Whatever it is you're secretly (or maybe not so secretly) dreaming of... 

This is your life, let's make the most of it. You in?

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You’ll access the clarity (and focus) that’s just waiting inside you. 

Getting Out of Your 
Own Way Masterclass

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Ways to Work

with Ash

Interested in working with Ash outside of the Masterclass?

Owning It

A Six-Month Coaching Container

What you'll experience during our time together

You will be guided through the 6 Pillars of Intuitive Transformation 
Calm your nervous system. 
Rewire your subconscious programming 
Majorly upgrade your daily mindset and habits 
Actively listen to the wisdom of your body. 
Clarity about the direction of your career/calling 
Learn how to set and uphold clear boundaries 
Create a sustainable self care routine 
Deepen your self trust and allowing your intuition to guide you 
A Soul Reading Session with Dani McDonald 
Guided Meditations 
Weekly practices that gently guide you in coming home to yourself

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